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The Spotted Owlet

A jungle home nestled in the heart of the Tadoba buffer

Just 2 km from Moharli gate


We did it!

At The Spotted Owlet, we took a 2 acre patch of degraded agricultural land and turned it into a lush natural farm that is now teeming with life. Barely 5% of our farm has been developed to host you!

Perfect experience for you

Our endeavour is to create the perfect jungle experience for you from the very moment you arrive at our property; and we invite you to soak in the goodness of nature in all its entirety.


TSO's Eco Tourism

Immerse yourself in the heart of the jungle at our eco lodge, where sustainable luxury meets nature's embrace. Built using locally sourced, eco-friendly materials as far as possible, your stay becomes a harmonious journey into the wild, leaving only the gentlest of footprints

Farm to Fork

Experience the ultimate farm-to-fork dining adventure at our jungle eco lodge. With our lush food jungle right outside your door, relish the delight of savoring organic, freshly harvested ingredients that travel only a few steps from farm to your fork

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