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We offer you the comfort of choosing either one of our luxurious Private Cottages or our budget friendly Villa


Private Cottages

Our private cottages are beautifully designed to pay tribute to some of our favourite jungles across India. With décor and artwork belonging to the geographical area they represent; we aim at bringing a unique stay experience to our guests. Our objective is to provide you with a fine blend of luxury along with the perfect jungle experience.


With spacious rooms, a separate foyer for your luggage and a private veranda, you can most definitely soak in the wilderness in style!


Surrounded by tall trees and a variety of shrubs, our villa is definitely your home away from home, especially for those looking for a more pocket friendly option. It offers two comfortable double rooms with attached baths and a private living area.

Looking for a long stay?

We have you covered! The Villa also has a fully equipped kitchen that can be offered to as part of your package. So just put your feet up and unwind amidst it’s rustic, cosy interiors!

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